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Internet Safety

Information for Parents

St. Cronan's e-Learning Vision Statement
"At St. Cronan's, everyone gets opportunities to succeed
in a creative and safe digital environment."

Safer Internet Day

We are reminding everyone to

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Internet Safety - Activity Book
Age 4-8 yrs

Also available in many other languages
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Top Tips for Parents:
1. Install and activate an anti-virus/anti-spyware product and install or enable a firewall.
2. Remind your children to stop and think before sharing any personal information online.
3. Computers should also be kept in an open area where all online activity can be seen.
4. Encourage your children to tell you if something or someone online
makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened.
5. Turn on automatic updates so all your software receives the latest fixes.
6. Set strong passwords, especially on accounts relating to sensitive or personal data

See our page on Bullying / Cyber Bullying

Other Helpful Information for Parents
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iPod Touch and
iPhone Settings

Built-In Settings

iPad Settings

Xbox 360 & Xbox Live
Parental Controls

Guide to Cyber Security

Eircom Router
Time Control Settings

Parent Guides to Social Media
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Guide for Parents

Guide to Social Media

Guide for Parents

Twitter Safety Tips
for Parents

Guide for Parents

Parent Guides to Video Games and Online Gaming
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Video Games Age and Content Ratings

Helpful Websites for Parents and Children
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Internet Slang Explained

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